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Open Workshop Night ———— Wednesday, July 20, 2022


Wednesday, July 20, 2022
6:00pm – 8:00pm
LEVEL: Beginner to
COST: $95

Spend a couple hours brushing up your MIG or TIG welding skills with Josh Welton. This class is for beginner to intermediate level welders who already have some basic welding experience. In this small group setting, Josh will assist with welding basics, troubleshoot your skills, and answer your questions. The majority of your time will be spent on material prep and machine time. Use this OPEN WELDING WORKSHOP NIGHT as a chance to step up your skills. Feel free to bring in a personal project.

This is a GREAT opportunity for our prior welding workshop participants!

(***If you are a true beginner welder, please register for one of our Intro Workshops. This is NOT a good option for true beginners.***)

This OPEN Welding Workshop includes:
Welding materials & equipment provided (metal, filler, gas, etc.)
             ***You are welcome to bring your own project in for prep and welding.
Thoroughly sanitized personal protection equipment (PPE) will be provided for your use – flame-resistant jacket, welding gloves, a welding helmet, and safety glasses, but please feel free to bring your own. 
Water and light snacks provided (feel free to bring your own if needed)
Maximum 2 participants.

A Safety Waiver must be signed in order to participate.  This can be signed ahead of time and emailed back to us before the workshop, or you can sign the waiver at the shop when you arrive.

NO REFUNDS. No refunds are available if you need to cancel. However, you can reschedule for a future workshop or transfer your ticket to another aspiring welder!  **If for any reason Brown Dog Welding LLC needs to reschedule a workshop, you will be contacted immediately to reschedule for a future date.**

In purchasing a workshop ticket, the participant acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to the Safety Waiver and Cancelation Policy.

Your confirmation email will include directions to the Brown Dog Welding shop in Detroit, Michigan (Wayne State University Campus area near Trumbull and I-94).


What health precautions are in place? All welding and personal protection equipment has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use. During the workshop, each participant must wear welding gloves, safety glasses, and a welding hood. You may also bring and use your own PPE. Hand sanitizer, hand soap, and water are readily available in the shop, as well as disinfectant cleaners.

Oh no! I’m sick! What should I do? If a participant is ill, we ask that you do not attend the workshop. No exceptions. We will gladly reschedule your session. Same for us – if Josh were to get sick, we would reschedule the workshop. We love to share our shop space, but not germs. (Josh & Darla are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.)

What is the minimum age requirement for the workshop? The minimum age requirement is 15 for this specific workshop. (If you have a younger student who is interested in welding please reach out to

What should I wear? Please wear leather or canvas boots/shoes, and a pair of jeans that cover your entire leg and ankle. You might get a little dirty from metal dust, so probably don’t wear your favorite outfit. If you need glasses please bring them. It is important that you can see under the welding helmet. If you use “cheater” glasses for up-close reading, please bring those! If you have long hair, please bring a hair tie. You might also want to bring a bandana to keep hair from getting caught in the welding helmet. 

Is it ok if the name on my registration doesn’t match the person who attends? Absolutely. Just be sure to put us in contact with the person who will be taking your ticket. We will need their registration information and agreement to our safety and cancelation policies on record. 

Coming in from out of town? We’d love to pass along suggestions for local accommodations, dining, and sightseeing. We love Detroit and would love for you to enjoy it, too! Email for info.

Additional questions? Email:

Brown Dog Welding recognizes and values each of our workshop participants regardless of their gender identity, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, or ability.
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