Hosted by Josh & Darla Welton

Writer, welder, artist, and blue collar advocate Josh Welton challenges the status quo when it comes to welding, cars, art, culture, Detroit, and more in this podcast presented by Brown Dog Welding LLC and Still Building America. Whether you know Josh from his trendsetting metal work as Instagram’s @welderassassin, or through his regular contributions to The, The WELDER Magazine, or you’ll dig his unique storytelling and hearing from his eclectic slate of guests. Josh is joined by his wife and co-host, Darla Welton, writer, artist, co-founder of the Still Building America project, and founder at the In Common initiative. Listen in below or on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

Hosted by Jimmy McKnight & Josh Welton

As featured on the cover of The Welder Magazine, from the streets of The Motor City comes a podcast dedicated to preserving the blue collar lifestyle, promoting skilled trades and keeping the old school traditions and crafts taught from generation to generation alive! Join The Blue Collar Voices of Detroiters, Jimmy McKnight & Josh Welton, and hear the life stories of welders, craftsmen, masters, and blue collar entrepreneurs. The guys discuss hot topics of the industry with NO FILTER and aim to inspire and motivate the next generation of craftsman and skilled tradesman. Click here for episodes!