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Soul Collector


Soul Collector

Inspired by metal, fire, chaos, and a passion for all things blue collar, creative, and skilled. Artist and welder Josh Welton’s signature style adds impressionist-like details to metal art in this piece.

Soul Collector is part of the LIMITED EDITION Bronze X Stainless Collection, a series of five vases. Each is welded from the inside and brazed from the outside. Raw metal, with all colors occurring naturally.

Watertight. Industrial and eclectic. These vessels stand out on their own or pair beautifully with plants or flowers.  Like all of Josh Welton’s sculptures, this is a “one of one” piece. A rare opportunity to own non-commissioned original art for your home. Honing his skills over two decades – Josh Welton is proud to create his art in his Detroit welding studio.

Weld House Detroit offers art and luxury goods for your home. It’s Blue Collar. It’s Luxury. Raw and refined.

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