Women, welding, and a changing cultural landscape

The rapid-fire exposure of high-powered men in politics, entertainment, and business has sparked a movement imploring for change in the way people in power behave. Welding, too, is in need of a change in terms of how it embraces, views, and relates with female welders. Josh Welton lends his views on the subject and provides … Read More

Digging deeper—going beyond yes or no

Social media has its pluses and minuses. Assumptions made from photos and comments can be false, and just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t make it so. Using his posts as an example, Josh Welton explains why it’s a good idea to avoid jumping to conclusions and believing that your observations simply must be true. … Read More

Still Building America—Champion welder passes on his knowledge

Andrew Cardin had no intention of becoming a welder, but an instructor in a manufacturing shop class turned him on to what would become an award-winning adventure and career. Andrew went on to place 5th in the 2015 WorldSkills welding competition. Now, he is passing along his knowledge and passion for welding to others. Continue … Read More

Welding in Iraq—A learning experience

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Needing to “reset” following a series of serious setbacks, Josh Welton took advantage of an out-of-country work experience that was a real eye-opener. Toiling under the hot sun in the summertime in Iraq, he got back into stick welding, learned a lot about repair work in general, and vowed that he never again would compare … Read More