Dodge Garage: Behind The Torch Part 3

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OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS.  Doors are presented to you throughout life; you can’t always choose when, how or why. You can only decide whether or not to open it and walk through. In Part 1 and Part 2 of my journey, I took you through how this little welding passion of mine has evolved into a business I’m passionate about. (Continue Reading)

Dodge Garage: Behind The Torch Part 2

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ART EVOLUTION. Being called an “artist” didn’t always appeal to me, and that was a huge mental block. There was a part of me that felt fraudulent. I felt comfortable as a millwright, a welder or a tradesman, but not as an artist. I created more and more sculptures just as an excuse to weld, not as … Read More

Dodge Garage: Behind The Torch Part 1

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THE FIRST ARC. Everything clicked. The Miller Bobcat generator snapped to life as one of us held the toggle switch up to turn it over. A few minutes prior, a handful of new apprentices, myself included, snuck towards an unused room at the back of the UAW/Chrysler National Training Center. This was a covert operation; … Read More

Worst. Advice. Ever.

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We’ve all been on the receiving end of on-the-job advice that sounded solid, and we accepted it as gospel, especially if it came from a more experienced person. Lo and behold, something comes along that makes us question whether the advice was all that, or even wrong. Here’s an example of some welding advice that … Read More