Dodge Garage: Serendipity Part 3 (Mark Trostle Story)

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Automotive enthusiasts are the incarnation of the vehicles they’ve possessed. What you drive at certain stages of life, progressing from a kid just getting their driver’s license to finally filling up your dream garage (or barn), often reflects where your head and heart are at that moment in time and colors who you are now. … Read More

Dodge Garage: Hangin’ With DAMM

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After our Pure Michigan extra-long winter, the Motor City’s car enthusiasts have been chomping at the bit to see blue skies above their heads and clean asphalt below their tires. Last Sunday, I dared Mother Nature to take the Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon down, but she gave us a nice window with which to enjoy a … Read More

Dodge Garage: Serendipity Part 2 (Mark Trostle Story)

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Growing up, I had a limited understanding of the popular saying “No Regrets.” Skaters got it tattooed on their skin, rappers used it in their verses and a kid down the street had the T-shirt. I thought it was dumb, because, obviously, everyone had done something stupid or had a situation happen to them that … Read More

Dodge Garage: Serendipity Part 1 (Mark Trostle Story)

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ICON. The lofty goal of any artist worth their salt is to create something iconic, whether they admit to it or not. We want to create an original form that represents something greater than itself that, with merely a glimpse, takes our mind to a certain space, quickens our pulse or stirs our soul. It’s … Read More

Dodge Garage: Behind The Torch Part 3

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OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS.  Doors are presented to you throughout life; you can’t always choose when, how or why. You can only decide whether or not to open it and walk through. In Part 1 and Part 2 of my journey, I took you through how this little welding passion of mine has evolved into a business I’m passionate about. (Continue Reading)

Dodge Garage: Behind The Torch Part 2

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ART EVOLUTION. Being called an “artist” didn’t always appeal to me, and that was a huge mental block. There was a part of me that felt fraudulent. I felt comfortable as a millwright, a welder or a tradesman, but not as an artist. I created more and more sculptures just as an excuse to weld, not as … Read More