Creativity, inspiration, and imagination are interwoven, but not interchangeable. They have different meanings, and understanding the differences can help you maximize the power of each when you may lack ability in any one of the three. This, in turn, can help you be a better fabricator or artist. (Continue Reading)

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  • Josh I’ve watched your videos multiple times on YouTube and I just wanna say how you inspire me to do my best as a beginner welder But I’ve bought myself a Millermultimatic 215 and I wanna get good at tig welding and I’m only 18 but I’ve seen your belt buckle video and my goal is to make a American flag belt buckle like the one you’ve made and some other cool things. One question I have for you sir is if I used regular 1/8 thick steel to attempt to make a belt buckle what would be the best filler rod you would use if it would work and do you have any other small projects ideas that I could attempt to make that would challenge

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