Ryan Boyd Part 1|by Josh Welton

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Ryan Boyd has been on my radar since way back in the day, in those caveman times before Instagram existed, when he bought one of what ended up being a run of seven unique Bender (of Futurama fame) sculptures I made. One day on my Facebook feed, his status said that he was moving from Colorado to Los Angeles to build motorcycles on a larger scale. It’s always inspiring not only to see someone grow as a tradesperson, but also to watch their success in business and the experiences and adventures they encounter along the way.

Plus, he works with John Wick. OK, so technically it’s Keanu Reeves, but that’s not any less cool. Seven years ago, Keanu and bike builder Gard Hollinger joined forces to start Arch Motorcycles . . . (Continue Reading)


Work in Progress (Ryan Boyd/


Ryan Boyd in his natural habitat (


Keanu Reeves, Ryan Boyd, & Gard Hollinger (
The First Arch Bike (
Arch Fab Shop (
Arch Machine Shop (




Bridgeport in Shop (
Brake Press (












Fab Shop (
Fab Shop (
Fabrication Fixture (
Lathe (
Lineup of Part (
Machined Bike Parts (
Machine Parts Run (
Machining (
Metal Shear & English Whell (
Metal Forming (
Water Jet & Bridgeport (





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