Ryan Boyd Part 1 (+bonus photos)

No Comments Ryan Boyd Part 1|by Josh Welton (+ exclusive bonus photos here on!) Ryan Boyd has been on my radar since way back in the day, in those caveman times before Instagram existed, when he bought one of what ended up being a run of seven unique Bender (of Futurama fame) sculptures I made. … Read More

Dodge Garage: Eyes on Design 2018 Review

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The annual EyesOn Design car show is held at the Edsel Ford Estate in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. The Ford Estate is already one of the most beautiful, fascinating houses and grounds in the United States; add to it a couple hundred invite-only vehicles that fit a theme and you’ve got yourself something a few notches … Read More

Dodge Garage: Serendipity Part 3 (Mark Trostle Story)

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Automotive enthusiasts are the incarnation of the vehicles they’ve possessed. What you drive at certain stages of life, progressing from a kid just getting their driver’s license to finally filling up your dream garage (or barn), often reflects where your head and heart are at that moment in time and colors who you are now. … Read More